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  • Spears are delicious fresh or can be frozen or canned.
  • Our asparagus is grown from seed and left in field 2 to 3 years before it is dug.
Ships Spring Only

Pricing Per Bundle of 5

MARY WASHINGTON - HEIRLOOM- Best all around variety for garden and commercial use. (zone 4-8)

$15.00 / bundle

VIKING KB3 - HEIRLOOM- Very hardy, rust resistant. Good yields. (zone 4-8)

$15.00 / bundle

JERSEY GIANT - HYBRID- Large spears, sweet, very productive. (zone 4-8)   AVAIALABLE FOR SHIPPING AFTER MARCH 21.

$15.00 / bundle

JERSEY KNIGHT - HYBRID- Early, very productive, Very large attractive spears. (zone 4-8)    AVAILABLE FOR SHIPPING AFTER MARCH 21.

$15.00 / bundle

JERSEY SUPREME - HYBRID- Early, high yield, cold hardy, disease resistant. (zone 4-8)

$15.00 / bundle

MILLENNIUM - NEW!  HYBRID- Produces tender, flavorful spears that grow in a wide range of soil types, including heavier soils. Cold-hardy but tolerates some heat. Rust resistant. (zone 3-8)

$15.00 / bundle

PURPLE PASSION - HYBRID- Large, tender deep purple spears that turn green when cooked. Sweet, nutty flavor. (zone 4-8)

$15.00 / bundle

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Ships Spring Only

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Plant Details:

Remove Asparagus roots from shipping box immediately and untie the bundles. Do not water Asparagus roots. If you are going to keep roots longer than two weeks, untie bunch and spread roots out. Store in a cool dry place.

Will grow in any type of well drained soil. Prefers a soil pH level between 6.8 to 7.2.

Dig a trench 8” deep. Root should be laid flat in bottom of trench with crown or top of root upright in middle with entacles spread evenly in each direction. Only put 2”– 3” of soil on top at time of planting. As plant grows more soil should be added. Space plants in trench so tentacles touch, approximately 12”–18” apart. It is better not to take spears the first growing season. This should provide you with a better crop the next season.

WE DO NOT RECOMMEND MULCHING AROUND OUR PLANTS or fertilizing plants until after roots are established. Do not plant or pot in any media containing bark or wood chips. We do not recommend potting in containers smaller than one gallon.


In full sun, leaving the asparagus fern to die back in fall.