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  • Delicious to eat fresh or frozen!
  • In Spring (middle of May) the blueberry bush will have many white bell-like blossoms and will have ripe berries from the middle of July through August. Through the summer months the plant will have dark green wax-like foliage. In fall leaves will turn a beautiful crimson color, and during winter months the light green or reddish colored wood (depending on variety) will provide winter color.


 Dormant plants are 2 years old and are over 12 inches tall.

Pricing Per Plant

Listed in ripening order

EARLIBLUE - One of the first blueberries of the season. Ripens in June producing a large sweet berry.  Self-pollinating, but will yield larger crops if pollinated with Bluecrop or Jersey. Fruit is large, sweet and firm. (zone 4-7)

$10.00 / plant

BLUETTA - Early season, large, light blue, firm berry with a mild, sweet taste. (zone 4-7)

$10.00 / plant

DUKE - Early season, large, firm berry with good color. Plant is vigorous and grows upright. (zone 4-7)

$10.00 / plant

PATRIOT - Early season.  Produces large, firm fruit.  Grows upright - good ornamental bush. (zone 3-7)

$10.00 / plant

NORTHLAND - Early Season.  Medium size fruit is firm. Plant has a low spreading habit. (zone 3-7)

$10.00 / plant

BLUERAY - Early mid-season, Very large, light blue berries with an excellent flavor.  Bush grows upright and is very vigorous and productive. (zone 4-7)

$10.00 / plant

BLUECROP - Berries ripen early to mid season. The large, firm, sweet berry is great for U-pick or mechanical harvest. (zone 4-7)

$10.00 / plant

BERKELEY - Close cousin to Bluecrop.Produces largest and sweetest fruit of all. (zone 5-7)

$10.00 / plant

RANCOCAS - Early season.  medium size sweet berry with a real blueberry flavor. Excellent for pie, muffins and pancakes. Plant is vigorous growing. (zone 4-7)

$10.00 / plant

RUBEL - Firm berry, good for muffins, pies and pancakes. (zone 4-8)

$10.00 / plant

COVILLE - A mid-season berry. Produces a large crop. Needs a cross-pollinator. Plant near another blueberry variety.  zone 4-8

$10.00 / plant

JERSEY - Late mid-season.  One of the oldest and most dependable varieties. Fruit is mid-size and is the sweetest variety. (zone 4-7)

$10.00 / plant

LEGACY - Late mid-season berry. Grows in a wide varietyof soil types. Heavy producer of medium sized, very sweet fruit. Plants should be trimmed annually due to the weight of the fruit. (zone 5-8)

$10.00 / plant

PINK LEMONADE - A late-season berry with a sweet, lemony flavor. More compact bush. Berries are dark pink when ripe. An attractive addition to desserts. (zone 4-8)

$10.00 / plant

ELLIOTT - Late season, berry is medium sized and firm. Upright growth - good ornamental bush. (zone 4-7)

$10.00 / plant

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Plant Details:

Remove Blueberry plants from shipping box immediately. Store Blueberry plants in a cool moist place and untie the bundles. Keep roots moist at all times. Do not over water.

Blueberries require an acid soil, a pH of 4.5 to 6. For best results, blueberries should be planted in peat, (can also use a mixture of 2/3 peat and 1/3 soil). The plant should be watered often in summer, when it sets fruit for the coming year.

Do not plant in any media other than soil.

Plant roots in a shallow hole 6” deep, 12”– 24” in diameter. Mix soil - 2/3 Canadian Peat Moss and 1/3 soil from same hole. Fill hole 3” from top with mixture. Set plant in hole and cover with rest of the mixture. Water, then mound plant up at base 4”– 6” high with remaining mixture. Plant 2’ – 4’ apart. Water often, but do not over water. Do not trim roots.

DO NOT MULCH around our plants or fertilize plants until after roots are established. Do not plant or pot in any media containing bark or wood chips. We do not recommend potting in containers smaller than one gallon.

Fall or Spring.

A blueberry bush is a slow grower, but will grow to a height of 6’ in ten years. It should be planted in full sun.