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  • Bluish-black fruit used in jams, jellies, juices and wines.
  • Two varieties are needed for pollination.
Varieties Available

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Ships Spring Only


Adams - NEW! Wonderfully scented white spring flowers lead to bountiful purple-black berries in summer that are high in vitamin C. Great for jelly and wine. JOHNS VARIETY NEEDED FOR POLLINATION. (zones 3-8)  SPRING SHIP ONLY.

$9.15 / per plant for 1-9 plants
$8.69 / per plant for 10 or more plants


Johns - NEW! Early variety of Elderberry. Sweetly scented white flowers give way to very large clusters of black berries. Great for jelly. ADAMS VARIETY NEEDED FOR POLLINATION. (zones 3-8) SPRING SHIP ONLY.

$9.15 / per plant for 1-9 plants
$8.69 / per plant for 10 or more plants

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Ships Spring Only

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Plant Details:

Remove Elderberry plants from shipping box immediately. Untie bundles and store in a cool moist place. If not planting immediately, spritz roots daily.

Elderberry plants require a neutral soil pH of 5.5 – 6. Elderberries should be planted in an area that is well drained. Can be a moist area as long as it drains well. Elderberry plants can tolerate moderate drought after established.

Elderberry plants can grow to 10’ – 15’ tall and about 4‘ wide. Place plants in a shallow hole. Plants should be 5’ apart, with 6 – 8’ between rows. Elderberries are cross-pollinators, so another variety should be planted nearby.


Plant in full sun.