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  • HOPS RHIZOMES are not only used for beer.
  • They make an attractive addition to your garden with their aroma and attractive vines.

Pricing Per Rhizome

CHINOOK (Bittering) - High alpha (12-14%) variety with aromas of  grapefruit and intense pine. Good disease resistance  Used for bittering. (zone 3-8)

$10.00 / rhizone

MAGNUM (Bittering) - High alpha (12-14%) type in line with noble varieties. Very clean aroma. Incredibly smooth bittering hop. (zone 3-8) NOT AVAILABLE FOR 2022

$10.00 / rhizone

NUGGET (Bittering) - A light flavor and woody aroma in this high alpha (12-15%) hop variety. One of the most popular varieties. (zone 3-8)

$10.00 / rhizone

COMET (Bittering) - Referred to as having a "Wild American" aroma with notes of citrus zest/herbals, this high alpha (9-12%) acid hop has a well rounded flavor profile. (zone 3-8)

$10.00 / rhizone

CASCADE (Dual Purpose) - One of the most popular hop varieties with moderate alpha acid levels (4.5-7%), with excellent botanical/spicy/citrus aroma. (zone 3-8)

$10.00 / rhizone

CENTENNIAL (Dual Purpose) - A high alpha (12-14%) hop similar to Cascade but a little less citrus-y. Nice floral aroma. (zone 3-8)

$10.00 / rhizone

COLUMBUS (Dual Purpose) - A great dual purpose hop with a high alpha (12-14%) acid and pleasant herbal/earthy notes with a hint of citrus. (zone 3-8)

$10.00 / rhizone

STERLING (Dual Purpose) - Noble characteristics similar to Saaz. Herbal and spicy aroma with hints of floral and citrus. Medium (4-9%) alpha acid. (zone 3-8)

$10.00 / rhizone

CRYSTAL (Aroma) - An American version of a noble hop. May be one of the best substitutes for the German Hallertau Mittelfruh noble hop. Aroma has herbal forest and citrus notes. Low alpha (3-6.2%) acid. (zone 3-8)

$10.00 / rhizone

MT. HOOD (Aroma) - Mild aroma with herbal notes. A decendant of the noble Hallertau hop. Medium (4-9%) Alpha acid. (zone 3-8)

$10.00 / rhizone

WILLAMETTE (Aroma) - A favorite among brewers. One of the most common aroma types with a floral/fruity and slightly spicy herbal aroma. Low (4-6%) alpha acid. (zone 3-8)

$10.00 / rhizone

TRIUMPH (Dual Purpose) - Newer USDA public hop program release. Triumph’s noble genetics make it a great lager hop but it’s pine/resin notes with delicate aromas of peach, lime and orange lend a fruity note to ales and IPAs. High alpha 9-12%. (zone 3-8)

$10.00 / rhizone

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Plant Details:

Remove Hops Rhizomes from shipping box immediately and untie the bundles. Store Hops Rhizomes in a plastic bag and in the refrigerator to keep from drying out until ready to plant.

The rhizome prefers a well-drained sandy loam soil with a pH of 6 –7.5.

Do not plant in any media other than soil.

Plant 2 rhizomes per hill, hills being approx. 4’ – 5’ apart in the row. Cover with 3” - 4” of soil. Requires frequent watering. Do not trim roots.

DO NOT MULCH around our plants or fertilize plants until after roots are established. Do not plant or pot in any media containing bark or wood chips. We do not recommend potting in containers smaller than one gallon.

In the spring after chance of frost has passed.

Full sun.