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  • Stalks make delicious pies, sauce and jam!
  • We propagate our rhubarb from divisions which are made by dividing a crown with a knife.
    Ships Spring Only.


Varieties Available

Bundle = 2 Plants


Crimson Red Rhubarb - Excellent sweet yet tart flavor with bright red color. Winter hardy and disease resistant.

$14.00 / bundle for 1-3 bundles
$13.30 / bundle 4-9 bundles
$12.60 / bundle 10 or more bundles

Canada Red Rhubarb - This very popular rhubarb has tender, sweet stalks that are red clear through. Plants are hardy and grow in moist, well-drained soil.

$14.00 / bundle for 1-3 bundles
$13.30 / bundle 4-9 bundles
$12.60 / bundle 10 or more bundles

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Ships Spring Only
Cannot ship into NV, UT, TX, WA or OR.
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Plant Details:

How To Care For Upon Arrival  

Same as peonies and other bulbs. Cool dry place. Do not moisten roots. Put dry sawdust in bin. Plants have short shelf life.

What Type Of Soil  

Will grow in acid, alkaline, sandy, clay or any type of black soil. If potting, use any type of potting soil.

When To Plant  

Fall (October preferably). Can also be planted in spring, but some plants may die if planted in late spring. Rhubarb is a cool weather growing plant.

How To Plant  

Dig a hole as deep as the division. Place division in the hole with buds facing up. Buds should be 1" below ground level. Plant 2 feet apart.

Where To Plant  

On edge of vegetable garden, in foundation plantings, border plantings. Will only grow 24" tall the second year.