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  • Delicious to eat Fresh or Frozen!
  • Junebearing Strawberries produces fruit in June only (Varieties are listed in ripening order)
  • Everbearing Strawberries produces fruit in June and again in late-summer
Ships Spring Only

Pricing Per Bundle of 25

EARLIGLOW - JUNEBEARING- Early, firm, sweet  flavored. Med. sized fruit. Plants produce lots of runners for greater yields the next year.  (zone 4-8)

$25.00 / bundle

GALLETTA - JUNEBEARING- Early season berry with excellent flavor and aroma. Large firm berries. Very productive. (zone 4-7)

$25.00 / bundle

HONEOYE - JUNEBEARING- Early very large berry, good flavor.  (zone 3-8)

$25.00 / bundle


SURECROP - JUNEBEARING- Proven garden variety with vigorous growth habits. Produces a firm berry and grows well in a wide range of soil types.  (zone 4-8)

$25.00 / bundle

ALL STAR - JUNEBEARING- Very large light red fruit. Ripens midseason. Firm berry with ery good flavor. (zone 4-8)

$25.00 / bundle

JEWEL - JUNEBEARING- Midseason , large, firm berry, very good flavor.  (zone 4-8)

$25.00 / bundle

SPARKLE - JUNEBEARING- Midseason, medium size, excellent flavor.  (zone 3-8)

$25.00 / bundle

OZARK BEAUTY - EVERBEARING- High yields of very sweet fruit. Large berries ideal for jam and preserves or desserts. (zone 4-8)

$25.00 / bundle

ALBION - EVERBEARING- Very large fruit, excellent flavor.   (zone 4-8)

$25.00 / bundle

SEASCAPE - EVERBEARING- The berries are very large, firm, and have a good flavor. Heavy producer. (zone 4-9)

$25.00 / bundle

PINEBERRY - EVERBEARING- White Carolina variety. A hybrid of 2 strawberry varieties that created this unique white to pale pink or pale orange berry with a pineapple-like aroma and flavor. Does best when planted near an everbearing strawberry variety. (zone 4-9)

$25.00 / bundle

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Ships Spring Only

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Plant Details:

Remove Strawberry plants from shipping box immediately. Untie the Strawberry plants and remove the string. Keep Strawberry plants refrigerated until planting.

Well drained soil. Requires a soil pH of 6.5 to 6.8.

Plant in a 6”– 8” deep furrow so that the crowns are above the soil. All roots need to be below ground for better growing success . Plants should be 12”–18” apart within the row and 3’ – 4’ apart between the rows. Overcrowding will result in a smaller berry. Fertilize when runners begin.

WE DO NOT RECOMMEND MULCHING AROUND OUR PLANTS or fertilizing plants until after roots are established. Do not plant or pot in any media containing bark or wood chips. We do not recommend potting in containers smaller than one gallon.


Full sun.